Conversations about the music and the people who make the music.

Conversations about the music and the people who make the music. 


Putting Pen to Paper.


Don't Be Afraid of Melody

As a music undergraduate at Mills College, a large part of my education there focused on the works of Darius Milhaud, John Cage, Henry Cowell, and Lou Harrison. Milhaud had been a professor there and Dave Brubeck...

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Diamonds Are Forever

Each year, as Spring training winds down and the days to the official start of the season are fewer and fewer, I always think of Art Lande, The League and Jazz. 

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Attribution Blues?

"You know, Stan Kenton can stand in front of a thousand fiddles and a thousand brass and make a dramatic gesture and every studio arranger can nod his head and say, "Oh, yes, that's done like this. But Duke merely lifts his finger, three horns make a sound, and I don't know what it is!"

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Sound as Memory

Sound, photographs, stories, movement, scent: each can embody or trigger a memory which, in itself, tells a story. Just as you can identify a player by their tone, or hear ( more like “feel” in this case) the difference between the Basie band or Ellington’s, sound is a powerful conveyor of history and meanings.

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Moments in Jazz.

An audio collection of jazz moments. A year that defines an artist, or a significant concert or recording, reflecting on the impact that that event had on the musician and on Jazz. (Created for the "Jazz with Bob Parlocha" radio program.) 


Links To Key Jazz Inspirations

Leading Tones.